OSL goes Linux: Presenting RSIO on LinuxTag 2012

May 25 2012 - Berlin - Berlin Fair

Under the headline "Linux Kernel" OSL presented the RSIO protocol (High Speed Data Center Block IO over Ethernet).
After presenting the first implementation of RSIO on Solaris 2010 in Frankfurt (SNW Europe), a lot has happened in the meantime. Besides moving to Linux, RSIO has proven its outstanding characteristics in combination with storage virtualisation of OSL Storage Cluster in Real-Life SAP Applications. Alongside SAP KVM-Cluster are on top of our list: Performance, clarity, flexibility on basis of a single common Network-Infrastructure.

OSL congratulates the Host LinuxTag e.V. on a successful event. From our point of view there was a substantial interest in topics like virtual machines (KVM), clustering and storage technologies. For example the very well attended lecture of Thomas Gelf (Netways GmbH) on "DIY cloud out of the Linux Toolbox (german)"
Pleasing for us has been the recognition of our with partners and customers cleverly devised thoughts: We continue on our track and leverage our know-how when it comes to clustering and IO virtualisation, in order to come up with a customized and comprehensive package. Bert Miemietz tried to put our approach in perspective: Where and how, can Block IO and Clustering be combined in a truly simple Ethernet based infrastructure?

Download slides RSIO - Block IO (german)

A selection of Questions:

  1. Why a new protocol? There are comparables - are they no good?
  2. Where can I get more information? How do I get the software?
  3. Are there any published details regarding the Protocol? Why didn't OSL publish its ideas and approaches as soon as possible (for a wider review by the linux community)?
  4. What happens if the userspace cores?
  5. And what is so special about your KVM-Cluster?