OSL on tour - last stop Luxembourg June 8th

OSL toured Germany and Luxembourg, presenting a new generation of integrated Data Center Software

The successful OSL on tour kick-off in Berlin on May 10th, revelead an increasing interest in reasonable infrastructures using RSIO (Data Center Block I/O over Ethernet) and virtual machines on Linux with High Availability managed by OSL Storage Cluster. About 40 attendees came to the Adlershof science- and technology campus to see and experience RSIO. Conclusion of many attendees: different approach, unbelievable simple to use. Also unbelievable RSIO and Ethernet are apparently well capable of handling everyday use cases and even hold advantages over Fibre Channel SAN infrastructures in terms of functionality.

OSL on tour - partners

OSL also stopped in Paderborn, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. About 80 IT Professionals used the opportunity to get informed about new possibilities. Three focal points became apparent. First: Storage over IP is not dead, current implementations suffer from deficiency and shortcomings. The reception (some may say: enthusiasm) of presented use cases and concepts, encourage us to continue on the right track of combining RSIO with OSL Storage Cluster. Second: After Solaris finding a new home at Oracle, some people begin to feel uncomfortable. As a result they do not only start to look into Linux but rather develop practical plans using Linux. OSL Storage Cluster and RSIO may build bridges between the two worlds. Being available for both platforms, OSL Storage Cluster and RSIO support even mixed clusters. Third: Virtual Machines continue to be a huge subject. The combination of KVM+RSIO+OSL Storage Cluster earned confidence here as well. Of course questions about VMWare arose by habit, but this "new world" appears to convince.

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