OSL set sail for growth - Laying the Cornerstone

Laying the Cornerstone on June 1st marks the starting signal for the construction of the new technology park in Schöneiche/Berlin. Until the end of 2011 new working conditions, for all company divisions i.e. development, documentation, customer care, will be made available. Operators will have the opportunity to meet Developers as well as System Engineers, to study and to test today's Data Center Infrastructures.

With support by Federal Government, local authorities and the European Union, OSL lays the foundation to improve their service offerings and kicks off an absolutely essential growth for our ambitious technology projects. Being a rural commune Schöneiche views itself as a "forest-garden-culture-community" in the rapidly evolving science- and culture area of Berlin/Brandenburg, with more than 30 educational institutions and 140,000 students. An area where also germanies large software forges (SAP) started to become active.