Convenient and future-proof with Open Systems

Unix offers a stable and viable platform like no other operating system. Its superior design matured in millions of man-hours and is driven by topnotch developers. Unix is a lively platform and has been in daily use for more than 30 years. It has set standards and continues to do so. Due to standardized interfaces a very high degree of portability can be assured, to the advantage of software vendors as well as customers who will benefit from innovation, continuity and technically mature software solutions. In recent years Linux has brought new and innovative solutions to open software and combines them with low priced PC-Hardware.

We at OSL focus on solutions based on open systems.


Unix is simple. It just takes a genius to understand its simplicity.
- Dennis Ritchie, Unix Co-Creator, In Technology/Computers

Unix is undoubtedly an ideal platform for developers. But users are rarely developers. Which is exactly a point where Unix based solutions show their weaknesses.

Have you ever wondered why you need a several days or weeks lasting course in order to actually use products of the market leaders?
Have you ever wondered why fundamental things can not be covered in less than 400 pages?
Have you ever had the feeling that the man page you are reading is not written in your language?
Have you ever come across of one those intuitive GUI based applications which require you to make cryptic entries to cryptic files?
Or is this new, highly portable web based interface annoying you with its requirements (a dedicated PC-Workstation, Operating System with Service Pack xx and Browser Service Pack yy + Java Version X by vendor Y)?
We have seen them all. And we aim to put an end to all this. We like to empower you to focus on real important issues.

Our motto: Rather simple and clear than lovely and gordian.

Compatibility and reliability

Standards are often abused as battlefield by global players. Market leaders often try to tie in their customers. We at OSL however base our products on fundamental and widely used standards. Our solutions do not always shine with effects but are always highly effective. Our ambition is to enable you to easily change underlying hardware. We as a young company can only compete if we succeed in supporting the widest possible range of hard- and software.

Utmost openness and compatibility are essential for us as well as for you our customers.

Proximity to our customers

We focus on the European, particularly the German market. We do not see this as a sign of weakness or provincialism. In fact we see it as our chance to cater for a particular market. Outstanding products and service are what we are aiming for. We listen to our customers' needs and wishes and implement them as soon as possible. That is how we see our advantageous collaboration.

You and your needs as a client is what we focus on.