OSL Shared Terminal Version 1.0 freigegeben

Finally, after several months of development a new version of our remote maintenance tool "OSL Shared Terminal" has been released. Both the Java client and the remote maintenance server necessary for establishing sessions have encountered a major rework. The main goal was to massively improve the stability and the usability of the application.
Along with the update the following features have been introduced:

  • Redesign of user dialogs
  • Addition of special graphics character sets
  • Cursor with better visibility
  • Adaptions for specialties of LINUX and UNIX terminals

For a detailed discussion of some (new) components belonging to the Shared Terminal please consider the corresponding support area of our web site. In comparison to the last version, we also fixed several bugs. These were for example:

  • A variety of displaying errors inside the terminal emulation
  • Failing login on SSH servers using the private key method
  • Wrong listing of participating users in sessions with more than three clients
  • Critical errors caused by resizing the terminal

Even if many things changed, the usage of the main features of the Shared Terminal still remains the same. Of course, the new version will not mark the end of the development process. Hence we are grateful for any hints you give us. Enjoy the reworked Shared Terminal.


Sincerely, your OSL team.