OSL Collaborations

With the aim of mutually beneficial collaboration OSL is itself a member of affiliate programs from leading manufacturers. We support technologically important platforms and ensure support for our own development and market-driven design of our products.

Global Alliance Partner

A longlasting contact exists to Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The intensive collaboration in numerous customer projects has not only led to a variety of contacts in sales, technical consulting and marketing, but also built up considerable expertise in the field of OSL software at Fujitsu.

DOAG Member

The Deutsche Oracle-Anwendergruppe e.V. (DOAG) - German Oracle Users Group - is one of the most important independent information platforms on Oracle-related topics in the German-speaking community. The IT society accompanies annually a large number of members and people working in the Oracle environment in their professional life, since the users themselves can tell better then anyone about the issues they stumble upon and how to solve or avoid them.