IT infrastructure software "Made in Germany" for self-hosters and providers

Why OSL?

Our principles

  1. Specialized design
  2. Simplicity instead of complexity
  3. Standardization and openness
  4. Avoiding disadvantageous dependencies
  5. Shorter path to desired result
  6. Engaged support
  7. Business ethics
  8. Made in Germany


  1. Cluster-enabled cross-platform storage virtualisation
  2. Coexistence of the old and the new systems
  3. Wisely designed, convergent network
  4. Block-I/O via RSIO
  5. Hyper-convergence in a client-server model
  6. Organization Entities, Roles, Monitoring, WebGUI and an intuitive CLI
  7. One-click console, proxy and desktop agents
  8. Hypervisor abstraction


Self-hosted IT infrastructure can be vastly superior in terms of performance, technological flexibility and costs. Here some of the many OSL software features: