Questions and Answers to OSL Software Solutions

  1. I have unused capacities on different (virtual) disks. How can I make use of it?
  2. Clusters are great for commercial data centers. But aren't they too "elitist and complex" for my environment?
  3. Do I really need to keep unused spare servers online only to ensure high availability?
  4. What are the advantages of additional infrastructure software for virtual environments?
  5. I have to deal with countless virtual device names and other cryptic terms. How to keep track of things?
  6. How do I circumvent unexpected load peaks in my high-end storage network?
  7. How can I guarantee immediate access to backed up data in case of disaster without having to wait until a restore is successfully completed?
  8. Do I really need to pay for external services when I have to create a copy of my productive application?
  9. Downtime for the roll-out of new storage systems - is that necessary?