RSIO: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a multipath solution for RSIO ?
  2. What happens if RSIO server fails ?
  3. Are the Pre-Configured Packages also fully redundant available?
  4. Which operating systems are required for the RSIO-Client?
  5. Is a FCoE Infrastructure required for RSIO?
  6. Is the RSIO-Server available on Linux?
  7. What RSIO-Client platforms are supported?
  8. May I try RSIO on my hardware for evaluation?
  9. RSIO is software only. What's the point of Pre-Configured Packages?
  10. Is Solaris Know-How required for the Pre-Configured Packages?
  11. Is RSIO available for ESX?
  12. Is RSIO usable with Windows?
  13. Is there a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for RSIO and OSL Storage Cluster?
  14. What has OSL to offer for migration between Solaris and Linux?
  15. Is Ethernet's bandwith really enough?
  16. Will I need dedicated network interface cards for RSIO? Can RSIO be routed?
  17. Is RSIO usable for Shared Device Access?