OSL Storage Cluster

Cluster framework and host-based storage virtualisation

Storage systems represent an important and central component in the IT ifrastructure. Here we take alternative roads, to be able to provide the maximal reliability, performance, scalability and automatization potential.

The central pillar of the integrated software package of our OSL Storage Cluster is the combination of the cluster technology with the Virtual Volume Management, so that all the storage resources can be used without wasting any storage. All additional functional features are based on these fundamental elements. If your storage has a multipath connection, our multipath driver ensures higher throughputs and high availability. Thanks to the integrated I/O bandwidth control, the data flow is distributed according to the needs and in a way that helps to have a good performance. Noteworthy side effect: I/O bandwidth control also helps to prevent processor bottlenecks.


Management, Clustering and Virtualisation of Storage all in one package

  • Storage virtualisation with global storage pools
  • Multipathing
  • Highly scalable cluster (up to 128 nodes)
  • High availability of data and applications
  • Simple network virtualisation for multiple remote data center locations
  • Integration of virtual machines
  • Backup / Archiving
  • Bandwidth control

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Why Storage Cluster?

Performance and Value for Money

  • Virtual storage per software
  • One interface for different virtualisation forms
  • Fast and simple realization of high availability scenarios without additional hardware
  • Redundant storage possible even without RAID systems
  • Representation of backup and recovery solutions
  • Adaptive resource management with low hardware requirements
  • Suitable also for enterprise environments
  • Downtime for backups not necessarily required

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