OSL Trainings Program

OSL Trainings and Workshops

The OSL trainings support you in gaining the knowledge about the OSL products and virtualisation technologies. We also offer additional (update) trainings for other data-center-relevant topics, like e.g. for operating systems Solaris and Linux. Apart of that, our trainings can provide you with the necessary knowledge to make you able to set up our products by yourself depending on your own needs.

The OSL workshops always revolve around innovative technologies. Let yourself be inspired by modern environment and technology, meet like-minded spirits and creative people. Our trainers have both valuable field-engineering experience and of course deep knowledge about the OSL development progress. You receive the knownledge first-hand and have enough opportunities to experience working with OSL products live during the workshops while doing practical exercises.

All workshops take place in our well-equipped training center in Schöneiche bei Berlin. For the technically-oriented workshops every participant gets access to dedicated physical server systems (x86/SPARC) with redundant FiberChannel and Ethernet connection in the workshop data center. For cluster trainings, each participant usually has access to at least two systems. For the SPARC-based systems, working with the Oracle Virtual Machines for SPARC is possible.

Information, participating conditions and questions
The OSL trainings and workshops are held starting with two participants. For the sake of quality we do not accept more than 12 (in exceptional cases 16) registrations. With the registration you declare that you agree with the OSL conditions for training contracts.

Please ask us any questions, also about hotel reservations:
E-mail: info@osl.eu
Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 88 77 430-0

Training courses with certification option for specialists

Whether you are interested "only" in a specific topic, or in a complete training course with certification, OSL trainings are the right place for you! Let yourself be inspired by refreshing alternative concepts and innovative software technology.

With certifications you can prove that you have reached a necessary education level to be able to realize modern data center concepts in a certain subject area with OSL products. This is an advantage for the clients operating complex environments and doing the most part of the work themselves. For partners, the certifications are an indispensable precondition for providing autorized services.

Of course, the certification workshops are available for anyone interested. However, a thorough preparation is recommended since an advanced level is expected.

Experience OSL UVE SDDC/VM-Infra- structures 3 days Certification WS Unified Virtualisation Environment 2 days OSL Certified Specialist OSL UVE Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.
Experience -- no certification -- Experience w. OSL SC for Solaris and Linux OSL SC Virtual Storage Compact: Solaris/Linux 5 days OSL RSIO Data Center Block-I/O over Ethernet 2 days OSL SC Virtual Storage for Linux 3 days Certification WS OSL Storage Cluster and RSIO 2 days OSL Certified Specialist OSL SC & RSIO Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Further thematic workshops

In the first place our worshops for specialists have the goal to provide the knowledge and certification about OSL products and technologies. Additionally, we also offer (update) trainings and workshops for other data-center-relevant topics, like e.g. operating systems, aiming to present an overview about the latest important developments.

OSL training for IT decision-makers

In this seminar you get the qualifications for planning modern data center infrastructures with OSL products - as a responsible systemarchitect or as a customer consultant in a system haus.

OSL trainings for distributors

Which solution is the best for my customers? In the training workshops prepares specifically for the distributors the parrticipants will get a comprehensive overview of the data center solutions with the OSL infrastructure software. Of course you will also learn everything that you need about the order processing, prices and project execution. The trainings should also make you able to offer the solutions with suitable technology and price for your customers, establishing a long-term oriented, successful cooperation.

Both trainings are parts of the certification for the OSL system partners.