Licensing of OSL Storage Cluster

The Usage of OSL Storage Cluster is subject to our end user license, which you have to accept. You will get a copy of the End User Licence together with your offer or enclosed to your SW-Delivery. Please read the End User Licence carefully before installing, copying or using OSL Storage Cluster or Virtual Volumes. By installing, copying or using the software you accept the End User Licence of OSL Gesellschaft für offene Systemlösungen automatically.

A temporary Test-Licence can only be applied for evaluation or education purposes, according to the End User Licence mentioned above.

Therefor the following steps are necessary:

1. Terms of use / End User Licence

Please print a copy of the End User Licence. Then read the Terms of use (german) of OSL Storage Cluster carefully. Only if you accept these Terms of Use you can apply a Test-Licence (you have to document that in step 3).

2. Collecting the system information (getserial)

To apply a licence key you need to get some informations of the host, you like OSL Storage Cluster to run on. These informations can be easily obtained by using the getserial tool, which is also included in the standard installation. To apply a key before installing you can use getserial.
OSL Storage Cluster runs on three different hardware-platforms with the OS Solaris. Therefore there is a getserial for each of these platforms.


getserial for hardware-platform (Solaris 10 only):
getserial - Solaris 10 Sparc
getserial - Solaris 10 X86
software for older solaris releases (7/8/9) archive


Evaluation licence request form

Print the licence request form (german).
Read and fill out this form completely. Then send it to OSL (by fax/post).

We will handle your request as fast as possible.

Calculator for licence units

Threads / VCPUs

Determine needed licence units

To be able to calculate the needed licence units for a system OSL gives you the possibility to download the tool "lucalc". Here you can find a small "how-to-use" guide for lucalc.

lucalc for hw-platform (Solaris 10 and Linux):
lucalc - Solaris 10 Sparc
lucalc - Solaris 10 X86
software for older solaris releases (7/8/9) archive

Furthermore here you can get an overview on how much licence units you have to acquire for multicore-/multithreading systems. It has to be mentioned that OSL licenses only the effective performance of these systems.