Storage Area Network Configurations

More and more customers are enjoying the advantages of a SAN. OSL Storage Cluster offers even more benefits. Some planning tips below:

  • Avoid single path connection of servers
  • Consider a through fail-safe concept; a setup with 2 separate fabrics increases the flexibility and security of your network. Multipathing in conjunction with this type of system avoids downtime: even during maintenance work, your system can still operate using the alternative path.
  • Check supported connection types with your vendor
  • Use Zoning to organize your storage cluster. Note: it is not recommended (and barely maintainable) to globally address 1000 LUNs with a single SAN.
  • Use Zoning so that servers do not - see - each other, but storage is shared as desired (see picture below)
  • Generally avoid having more than one server controller connected to a single RAID port.

Zoning correct:

  • no Host to Host Zones
  • no multiple Zones from one Host to one RAID port

Zoning wrong:

  • Zone from Host A to Host B (dark blue)
  • multiple Zone from Host B RAID port (light orange)