Current Projects

Often the fleeting visitor thinks of OSL as a company that is implementing projects for our customers by compiling open source components. This perception is totally wrong!

We are developing standard software or - described in a more precise way - infrastructure software for software-defined data centres. This framework encompasses amongst others low level drivers, an I/O-virtualisation and a cluster framework with outstanding functionality and robustness. As the newest member of our product line we are proud to present a solution for hyperconverged infrastructures using a client/server architecture. Of course all of the components mentioned before are in-house developments.

Hence our core business is systems programming, mostly on Solaris and Linux platforms. But more recently other topics like computer networks, Java and ECMA script (regarding modern user interfaces) gained importance. Of course our main focus remains on data centres, so any knowledge in the field of data centre architecture and processes as well as in administration of unixoid systems is very welcome.

So what are our current and upcoming tasks (selection)?

  • Reference architecture for SAP HANA inside OSL Storage Cluster
  • Enhancement of the reference architecture "SAP HANA" for an InfiniBand-based core engine (OSL 5.0)
  • Virtual Storage Domains - a novel modular I/O-driver
  • Development of a zero-configuration web server for job controlling
  • Re-implementation of our website
  • Webshop for the OSL Shared Terminal
  • Documentation and redesign of OSL RSIO
  • Single-threaded demonstrator driver for the Virtual Storage Domains (i.a. file- and memory backend)
  • Porting the Unified Virtualisation Server to Linux (4.8)
  • RSIO over Infiniband
  • RSIO over Ethernet
  • RSIO over UDP
  • Core-Engine for the SDDC (OSL 5.0)
  • Completition of our Virtual Network Object Layers
  • Re-implementation of the integration of KVM, Xen and VirtualBox into our frameworks

You are welcome to contribute to these - Just get in touch with us!