OSL Team and Philosophy

Sportsmanlike attitude, high-quality professional training and team spirit make it possible to approach challenges in an unusual manner.

Professionalism? Yes. Convenience? Oftentimes no.

Understanding the project - paying attention to oneself as much as to others - being part of the team.

Learning ability and critical mind - enjoying the challenge.

Our Team

Our Corporate Identity

Demanding tasks, personal progress and individual training programmes for our employees are central points of the businiess philosophy of OSL. Creational doubt about apparently unshiftable technical limitations, courage to think lateral and faith in our own solutions distinguish a vivid and intense cooperation with colleagues, customers and users and lead us to novel and unique approaches and solutions.

On this note the necessities and wishes of our customers are ranked first. We think of ourself as a highly professional software company, that is tenaciously working on a clearly structured and easy to use infrastructure framework made in Germany. Almost all of the components used by our software are in-house developments. Even if this strategy refuses to follow the trend topics of our big competitors, OSL is able to sustain it's position in the market segment of data centre solutions since 2002.

Our Working Philosophy

There is a tough competition in the IT sector. Since we run a small business, it is more than crucial for us to be ahead of our competitors. This implies a concentrated and persevere working style. As an employee we want you to act independently and self dependent. It is also important that you are willing to push our projects and that you tackle upcoming problems in an aggressive manner. Doubt and creativity, self-criticism and self-confidence should be no opposites to you. Furthermore we like our staff to act cooperatively and in a structured way.

Testing out and expanding technical limitations is an essential part of our every-day working life. To do so, we mainly rely on our own creational capabilities. This is why hype topics are of very little importance for us. With OSL the employees gain their satisfaction from independent development und the experience that their self-made "vehicles" can often drive faster an better - not by testing a mediocre mass product.

Desired Technical Skills

Since we are working in the field of computer science, we are mostly looking for employees with experience in the IT sector. Especially valuable is any knowledge regarding the administration and the system programming of UNIX and Linux systems. For solving core development tasks we are using ANSI-C and Shell. But more recently we are also looking for web programmers for Java-Script, CSS and HTML 5.

However you do not need to be a computer scientist by training to start working with us. Even if you are skilled in a neighbouring discipline, but have already made some experiences with the topics mentioned above we are are looking forward to your application. The same holds for the type of your qualification: No matter whether you have received a doctorate, a bachelor or special training - OSL welcomes clerks of every level.

How we work

We work in small teams with flat hierarchies and value interdisciplinary exchange a lot. Through exciting and varied projects you become an expert in a dynamic technology sector. We are convinced that only taking the users into account can lead to developing products that satisfy the highest expectations. Therefore the work at OSL is characterized by close cooperation with our customers and external partners. To keep up with the technical developments in our rapidly changing industry our team members enjoy various opportunities for further education.